Are you interested in working on film productions as a background actor (also called an “extra”)? You’ve come to the right place. is a free online platform that connects casting directors to talent. (We’re not a casting company, but we know a lot of people who run them—and those people submit their casting calls through our site.)

Local casting agencies face a challenge: how to connect talent with opportunities for work? While each agency has its own talent roster, there typically isn’t a central, efficient way for casting directors to locate, communicate with and book background actors. Elizabeth Coulon, C.S.A., Ryan Glorioso, C.S.A., and Robert Larriviere joined forces to solve this problem in 2012. Today, dozens of casting agencies use to book talent, and over X,XXX people have worked on hundreds of productions thanks in part to the platform.

Because the information collects from its users ranges from appearance and availability to experience and contact numbers, casting directors can quickly locate and communicate with talent. This streamlines the booking process and helps casting directors work quickly with a smaller workforce. is designed with talent in mind as well. Text, email and phone notifications make it easy to stay available for potential bookings, and a robust online profile allows background actors to put their best faces forward. If there’s a casting company that’s not in our network, let us know about it by emailing As grows and expands to new markets, we will continue to offer solutions to the industry’s unique challenges and connect hardworking talent with opportunities.