Remove clutter and distracting elements and find a neutral backdrop, like a plain wall. Use a tripod or camera timer app like TimerCam if you’re photographing yourself, or have a friend take your picture. This will always result in a higher quality image and sharper focus. Using the reverse cam function on a smartphone results in a lower quality image.

Pay close attention to lighting. Multiple sources of diffused natural light look best. Try to shoot in early morning or late afternoon for the most flattering light. Avoid overhead sunlight, which can create shadows, and indoor bulbs, which can give you a yellowish cast. Turn off auto flash on your camera, which can look harsh.

Smile or make a natural facial expression for your headshot. For your full-length photo, make sure your whole body—or at least your body down to your knees—is in the frame.

Don’t use Photoshop or filters on your image. Casting directors want to see the real you.