Cameras are NOT allowed on set. Please turn off all cell phones.

Please do not ask the actors for autographs or initiate conversations with them on the set. Actors take their jobs very seriously and may be distracted from giving a good performance.

Please do not bring valuables such as laptops, credit cards and the like. Production cannot be responsible for the loss of your personal belongings.  

Don’t bring guests to set without prior approval. The only exception is a minor under age 18, who may bring one parent or guardian.

Wear closed-toe shoes.

Bring something to occupy yourself. There’s a lot of hurry up and wait on set. Books, magazines, cards, headphones, homework, pens/pencils and notebooks, etc. can be a good way to kill time.

Other things you may want to bring: rubber boots if it’s raining or your set is outdoors, high heels to match the actress, comfy shoes you can slip on and off, a jacket or long-sleeved undershirt, blankets, small folding chair, sunscreen, bug spray and sunglasses.