Arrive 30 to 40 minutes before your scheduled call time. You may be directed to park in a lot that’s removed from the set, in which case a shuttle will transport you to base camp. Once you arrive, find a PA and check in to the extras holding area. You’ll probably have a go-to PA with whom you’ll check in throughout the day. This is also the person to contact if you’re running late or have an emergency. Get a set of sides from your PA or ask where you can get them, as well as your voucher. Make sure you hang on to your voucher!

After checking in, go to wardrobe. Casting will give you wardrobe guidelines based on your scene. Bring several wardrobe options. If you were fitted for a costume in advance, the wardrobe department will have your costume on set when you arrive. Someone from the wardrobe department may take your voucher in exchange for the costume. They will return your voucher to you when you return the costume

If you’re working for several consecutive days, ask the wardrobe department if there is anything they need you to bring. This will help them out and save you some time and steps. You also might need to bring extra shoes, either because of the nature of the scene or to alter your height.

If applicable, go to hair and makeup to get fitted for a wig or prosthetics.

After visiting hair and makeup and depending on your call time and when the day got started, now is the ideal time for you to get food. (As long as you have time to eat.) On days with a lot of extras, you may receive a lunch ticket and snack tickets. Do not lose these tickets. Feel free to bring a few snacks of your own.  

Now it’s time to go to set. Silence your cell phone if you’re on a set that allows them, board the shuttle to set if there is one, find a spot and get ready for your day. Take a look at the sides to get a general idea of how many scenes your character is in and whether there’s a company move (change in location).

Remain quiet, pay attention and stay close to set. Listen to the assistant directors (ADs) and production assistants (PAs): Once on set, the ADs and PAs will let you know what you are supposed to do in a scene. Be aware of the camera’s location, where you are needed and what is expected of you. If you need to leave the set for any reason, please check with them first.

When wrapped, return your wardrobe and/or props. Go to extras holding to sign out and turn in your voucher. Don’t leave with your voucher, or you might not get paid. A member of the production staff will approve your voucher and give you a receipt. Save this receipt until your paycheck arrives.